percentage calculator

How to find percentage?

How to find percentage? It's easy - either use our percentage calculator or keep reading to learn how to do it on your own.

Before we learn to calculate, let's talk about what is percentage. In the simplest terms, it's one hundredth of the whole. When the whole population is 400 people, then one percent is 4 (because 400/100 = 4). 5 percent of 400 is 5 * 4 = 20.

Back to the original question - how to find percentage? You know two values (A and B) and want to know what percentage of B is A (real example: what percentage of 400 is 50). The percentage formula is as follows:
Percentage = 100 * part / whole
So in our example it's 100 * A / B, or 100 * 50 / 400 = 5000 / 400 = 12.5.

So now you can find percentage on your own. If you prefer to use a special tool for it, just look to the right!